Data Wrangling
& Dailies Solutions

Powerful data backup, review and dailies systems optimized for on set and near set. Combine the components you need, such as card readers, RAID, storage, or LTO tape drives, in a compact, transportable solution. Mac & PC products feature fast transfers for 4K workflows.


Forget bringing unreliable rigs onset or near set. Our systems have the essentials, like card readers, RAID hard drives, LTO drives, screens and keyboards, built into a single rugged enclosure.


Fast CPU allows you to create deliverables faster, play back complex codecs in real time, and review footage with color looks applied. Get the power of a desktop on set.

4K Capable

All systems are powerful enough for a 4K workflow. Your Data Wrangler can keep up with the high data rates for 4K and your DIT can review footage on a built-in 4K screen.

Software Included

Whether you are color grading or backing up footage, the right software comes with your system. Pre-installed options include SCRATCH, Divinci Resolve, Wrangler Software, and camera card view players.

Professional Camera Formats

With pre-installed video review players and built-in card readers, our systems are built to handle the most common professional camera formats like RED, ARRI, Sony, and Panasonic.

Create LTO Masters on Set

With Wrangler software and built-in LTO drives, it's as easy as drag and drop to make tapes. And the system is powerful enough to make LTO masters at the same time you create your deliverables.

Data Wrangling & Dailies Products

PC & Mac products for on set and near set production. Choose the system that fits your workflow.


Our line of portable and rugged on-set solutions, from basic data wrangling to complete 4K review stations. All systems come with a handle, built-in screen, keyboard and trackpad.

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Thunderbolt connected Mac expansion system that can accommodate the industry’s largest collection of devices in one compact, easy-to-transport package.

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Used on Major Motion Pictures & TV Shows

1 Beyond's data wrangling and dailies products have been used in the production of a variety of movies, tv shows and documentaries

  • 15+ Major Motion Pictures: Used on the set of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • 50+ Documentaries: Including off-the-grid locations around the globe including: Antarctica, Africa, the Sahara Desert and Siberia.
  • Television Productions NCIS has used our systems for 5+ years. Also, many shows aired by Discovery have used our products.

Discovery Communications used our Wrangler systems in-house for production and have certified them for use by their production companies as a reliable, cost-effective solution to keep down production costs.

Need a Data Wrangling or Dailies System?

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