1 Beyond Wrangler™

Powerful turnkey solutions optimized for the key tasks performed on set and near set: back up, review and dailies. Fast transfer rates for 4K workflows. Built-in professional camera card readers, LTO drives or RAID hard drive arrays based on the task.

Prices start at $8,995
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Onset Data Solutions For HD & 4K Workflows

Powerful all-in-one systems for on set and near set.

Fast through put to keep up with the high data rates of 4K footage. Designed so that there are no bottle necks in the process.

On Set Backup: Offload from multiple camera card readers to multiple destinations (LTO-6, Raid Drive) and even offload to tape and hard drive at the same time

Create Dailies: Multiple format color grading with support most cameras including RAW and Uncompressed formats. Certified with BMD DaVinci Resolve, ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, Quantel Pablo Rio, RED CINE-X, Adobe SpeedGrade.

Review 4K Footage: Fast transfer and accurate review with 23" 4K screen.

1 Beyond Wrangler Software

Auto offload and verify data to multiple destinations quickly.

All Wrangler products come with our Wrangler software which allows you to transfer files faster and unload multiple cards to multiple devices simultaneously.

Multi-Card Unloading Parallel multi-card unloading with simultaneous output to multiple devices. Define up to 6 sources & 6 destinations.

Easy to Use Completely automated, it works as simple as setting your source and destination. The process is shown visually and is color coded.

Advanced Error Checking The total card size is noted to verify and reserve space on all destination drives. This unique feature avoids transfer almost complete and finding out there is insufficient space.

Checksum Verification Perform an MD5 or CTC checksum with a checksum log so you can ensure that the transmitted file is exactly the same as the source file.

Choose the Wrangler For Your On Set Needs

The Wrangler models range from basic data-wrangling to complete onset dailies stations with color grading and 4K review.


Wrangler 4K-Safe

Our lightest and most portable system. Quickly backup your footage to multiple destinations including LTO tape.


Wrangler 4K-Dailies

Powerful system with two high end graphic cards for color grading and creating dailies. Software comes pre-installed.


Wrangler 4K-Review

Turnkey system with built-in 23" 4K monitor and powerful processor for accurate on set review of 4K footage.

Wrangler 4K-Safe

Portable data wrangling station with LTO backup.

Built-in LTO Drive Built-in LTO-6 tape drive for efficient and protected backups.

RAID Protected Storage Built-in 6 drive RAID array for ultra fast and secure storage.

Fast Transfer Includes the award-winning 1 Beyond Wrangler software, which makes backing up to tape as easy as drag and drop.

Customizable Bay Open 3 1/2" bay for specialty card readers, extra storage space, or anything else you choose.

Wrangler 4K-Dailies

Powerful DIT system for quickly creating deliverables.

Powerful A 12 CPU processor means that the 4K-Dailies solution can handle any data wrangling task you have.

High End Graphics Cards Make sure that your color-grading looks exactly as you want it. Built into the 4K-Dailies machine are 2 high power graphics card that ensures your edits are just right.

Pre-Installed Software Includes DaVinci Resolve and Scratch for color-grading and dailies to facilitate your workflow.

Wrangler 4K-Review

All-in-one system to review your 4K footage on set.

Built-in 23" 4K Monitor Play your video data back at the highest quality so you can see each shot perfectly.

Powerful 12 CPU and a high power GPU means that the 4K-Review is ready to handle any data you have.

Built-in Storage With seven 3 1/2" disk bays that support hard drive storage, the 4K-Review can hold up to 24TB of RAID 5 protected video data. It is fast enough to accumulate large uncompressed 4K files.

Compare Wrangler Models

All Wrangler products include a built in screen, keyboard and our unique Wrangler software.
4K-Safe 4K-Dailies 4K-Review
Base Price $8,995 $10,995 $16,995
Dimensions (HxWxD) 14.05" x 16.46" x 6.96" 17.06” x 13.67” x 9.02” 15.12" x 23.11" x 9.02"
Processors 8 12 12
Carry Case Yes Yes Yes
Screen Size 17" 17" 23"
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 3480 x 2160
Keyboard/Trackpad Yes Yes Yes
Colorgrading & Dailies Software Available None DaVinci Resolve and Scratch DaVinci Resolve and Scratch
USB 3.0 Ports Available 4 4 4
USB 2.0 Ports Available 4 4 4
LTO-6 Drive Option Yes Yes Yes
Customizing Your Wrangler
Customizable 5 1/4" bays 1 1 1
Customizable 3 1/2" bays 0 1 0

Find the Wrangler For Your Workflow?

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