1 Beyond, Inc.’s standard limited warranty is one year, parts and labor, return to 1 Beyond. This warranty ensures that all products will remain in working condition, free of defects, under normal use for 12 months from the date of shipment.

Extended Warranties are available for percentage of the total purchase price (depending on the type of system) per year for a maximum of 4 additional years or 5 years total. If not stated in the quote, it will be provided on request.

Applications support is included for all 1 Beyond written software and software purchased from and installed by 1 Beyond as long as the system is under warranty or extended warranty.

Issues Not Covered by 1 Beyond Warranty

The customer will be charged for service in cases where the problem was traced to one of the following:

  • Failure of hardware or software not provided by 1 Beyond.
  • Accident, abuse, water damage, or causes other than normal wear and tear.
  • Power surge or shortage.
  • User-installed software or software virus.
  • Non-1 Beyond software malfunction, software bugs, file corruption, or file deletion.
  • Complications due to user-installed components and software not covered under this warranty.

1 Beyond will not be held responsible for lost data due to hardware failure or software bugs. The customer is responsible for maintaining backups, doing system checks / disk cleanups, defragmenting hard drives, etc.

1 Beyond’s systems and storage are sold as complete integrated systems and are not intended to be modified by the customer. 1 Beyond will not provide technical support for modifications made by the customer, and any repair work arising from said modifications will be billed to the customer; this also includes round-trip shipping charges.

Any disputes arising from this warranty policy will be settled under the rules and laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. No other implied or explicit warranties are granted.

Remote Access for Support and Training              

Note that while 1 Beyond does not warranty software provided by other vendors, if purchased from and installed by 1 Beyond, 1 Beyond technicians will provide phone support for the period of the 1 Beyond product warranty. This service and support includes remote log-in if necessary to assist with problem solving. Remote access is also available for very cost effective training.

Return for Repair Procedure

In order to initiate a warranty repair service, the following procedure must be followed:

  • The customer will speak with a 1 Beyond service technician to pinpoint the nature of the problem to see if it can be repaired over the phone or remotely over the Internet.
  • If it is determined that it should be sent to 1 Beyond for repair, a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number will be issued.
    • The customer will pack up the system in the original boxes and packaging. If it is not available, it must be double-boxed and packaged by a professional shipping company (e.g. Federal Express, UPS, or Mailboxes Etc). The box should be labeled clearly with the RMA number.
    • The customer will include a copy of the 1 Beyond invoice detailing the purchase, as well as the serial number from the computer.
    • The customer will provide a written, detailed description of the problem either with the shipment or in an email to support@1Beyond.com, using the form provided when the RMA numbers is issued.
  • If the repair can be achieved with parts replacement, a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number will be issued.
    • Normal parts replacement procedure involves the customer shipping back the defective part first before receiving a replacement part. 1 Beyond will ship out a replacement part once it has received and inspected the defective part sent by the customer.
    • At times, cross-shipping may be necessary in time-sensitive situations. Cross-shipping involves 1 Beyond and the customer simultaneously sending replacement and defective parts, respectively. When obtaining a cross-ship RMA number, customers must provide 1 Beyond with a valid credit card number (VISA/Master Card/American Express) to cover the replacement cost of the part. This charge will be processed only if the customer fails to return the defective part at their expense within ten business days from the date of obtaining the RMA cross-ship number.
    • E.g. most 1 Beyond systems are designed to have externally removable disks so that when there is a disk failure confirmed by the 1 Beyond support staff, an RMA number is assigned and a replacement disk is cross-shipped to ensure minimum down time.
    • The defective product must be returned in its original shipping box. If it is not available, it must be double-boxed and packaged by a professional shipping company (e.g. Federal Express, UPS, or Mailboxes etc.).
    • Product shipment must be insured for approximate replacement cost, which can be based on the original purchase price, or by consulting 1 Beyond prior to shipment.
  • Proper packing and freight charges to 1 Beyond are the responsibility of the customer.
  • 1 Beyond will pay for the most reasonable return shipment to the customer.