U-Switch™ Encoder and Player

It is now possible to stream and record a multi‐camera event with no on‐site production crew and no editing team. Users choose camera angles as they watch, live or on‐demand. Each viewer gets their own experience, much as if they were at the event.

Encoder starts at $5,995, player license varies.

New Way to Create & Watch Multi-Cam Videos

Lower Production Costs & Enhanced Viewer Experience

U-Switch is a combination of two different technologies - the U-Switch Encoder to record/stream 4 inputs simultaneously and the U-Switch Player, a multi-cam player which allow the viewer to switch between those camera angles as they watch, either live or VOD.

Ideal for any event where multiple camera angles enhance the viewer’s experience and personnel needs or equipment costs had limited the number of cameras being used. The U-Switch appliance costs less than a traditional switcher.

U-Switch Encoder

Record/Stream 4 Inputs Simultaneously

Records and/or streams 4 HD-SDI videos simultaneously for live playback or video on demand in the U-Switch Player.

  • 4 HD-SDI inputs, 2 XLR audio inputs and network port
  • Inputs are recorded completely in sync
  • Recording and streaming can be scheduled to start/stop automatically, eliminating all operators
  • Recorded files automatically transferred to a video server
  • 1TB of storage built in (that's enough storage to record 500 hours)

U-Switch Player

Viewer Switches Between Camera Angles

The U-Switch Player lets the viewer switch from the 4 videos, allowing them to choose their camera video, rewind and replay.

  • No personnel needed to live switch as viewer switches as they watch
  • Viewable on computers, tablets and smart phones (Currently available on all desktop browsers with flash fallback Android tablets and phones >4.1. Coming soon for iPads and iPhones).
  • Embed code makes it easy to put the player on any website
  • Instantaneous switching with no glitch or delay
  • Better engages viewer for more enjoyable experience and increased retention
  • Based on a unique patented graphic process
  • HTML5 (with flash fall back) and fully responsive

See U-Switch Player Example

This player can be embedded on any website. It plays best on desktops, iPads and mobile Android devices.

Create Completely Automated Multi-Camera Video Productions With U-Switch

Save money by capturing, recording & streaming 4 cameras with no staff!

When U-Switch is combined with the 1 Beyond innovative HD cameras, it's easy to create a completely automatic recording with no staff involved.

No staff start/stop record
Recording & streaming from the U-Switch Appliance can be set on a calendar schedule.

No crew or extra equipment to switch
If streaming, no one needs switch among different cameras/angles live as the user will choose their views.

No Editors Needed
If recording for later playback, no editors are needed to do a multi-cam edit.

No Camera Operator
AutoTracker & PTZ-HQ presets eliminate the need for someone to man the cameras.

Completely Automated System Includes

  • AutoTracker Camera: Eliminates need for camera person to track presenter.
  • PTZ-HQ Cameras: Preset to various locations, controlled by software.
  • U-Switch Encoder: Records and auto up-loads web-deliverable.
  • U-Switch Player: Lets the viewer switch from the 4 videos, allowing them to choose their camera video, back up and replay.
  • LRQD Lecture Recording QuadDDR Control software: Scripts automated recording schedule including turning on equipment, positioning cameras, starting recorders and moving recorded files to the server.

U-Switch Reviews

What others are saying about the U-Switch Appliance and Player.

"This embeddable video player puts the viewers in the role of the technical director, letting them choose the angles they want to see. It was designed for education markets, allowing students to choose the source, presentation, or PowerPoint they want to see. For producers, the system lets them create a multi-screen experience without camera operators or a technical director."

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Streaming Media Editorial Staff

"By using the U-Switch encoder at the video source, all four streams are sent as a single OTT stream, along with a common audio track. For live or VOD playback, any device with an Internet browser can be used to change camera angles at any time with no impact on the audio track and no need to wait for video buffers to fill after every switch. U-Stream makes an OTT multicamera experience much more satisfying."

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Wes Simpson

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