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LTO Tape Archiving For Macintosh. LTO-7 or LTO-6 drive and option for additional tape drive and storage - all in one compact external device. This is the ideal external box to connect to your Macintosh for additional storage and tape drive access. Back up your valuable footage using industry standard LTFS file format.

Prices Start at $3,995
Full price chart below

Connects to Mac via the Mac's Thunderbolt™ port

Transfer to tape at up to 260 MB/sec.

LTO drives and storage: Ships with single LTO drive (LTO-7 or LTO-6) and the option to also include RAID storage and additional tape drive(s). 

Pure LTFS: LTFS drivers and simple copy utility optimized for browsing and copying files to/from LTO tape which overcomes the Finder limitation with LTO/LTFS tape.

Portable Design: All metal, rugged portable chassis with a convenient handle on top. Bring it to wherever you need to do backup or archive, on-set or in your office.

Perfect for creating file based deliveries to networks like HBO or Discovery from a Mac environment.

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Portable Turnkey LTO Backup for Mac

Get working right away - functional right out of the box.

All-in-One: Everything you need comes built-in to the system. Simply plug in the power cord and connect to your Mac via the Mac's Thunderbolt 2 connection.

Includes Software: Don't let installation slow you down - all of the necessary software is also included on a USB that ships with your ThunderTape  so you are ready to start archiving as soon as possible.

Asset Management: Works with popular archiving and asset management software like ImagineProducts PreRollPost, Yoyotta ID, CatDV or Axle Asset Management.

Customize Your ThunderTape 3 to Your Workflow

The ThunderTape 3 comes standard with 1 LTO tape drive (LTO-6 or LTO-7) and has room for an additional tape drive and/or storage.

Single LTO Drive

LTO-7 or LTO-6 drive that connects to a Mac's Thunderbolt port. Use for archive on-set or in the post-production facility from card readers or local storage

Dual LTO Drives

Write to two tapes in one pass, retrieve from one tape while backing up to another, or transfer data from one LTO generation to another.

LTO Drive + Hard Drive Array

Back up to tape and disk at the same time or use hard drive array as buffer drive for transfers. Available in an array of 4x1TB, 6x1TB or 3x6TB. 

Dual Drives + Hard Drive Array

The Ultimate: Everything you can do with dual drives plus either a 4x1TB HDD array or a 6x1TB array for fast data buffer or extra storage.

ThunderTape 3 Price Chart

Use the chart below to customize your ThunderTape 3. ThunderTape 3 comes standard with 1 LTO drive and two extra 5.25" bays.
Please note that this are US prices.

ThunderTape Models Price in USD
LTO-7 ThunderTape 3 $4,795
LTO-6 ThunderTape 3 $3,995
ThunderTape 3 Addons
LTO-7 Drive* $3,495
LTO-6 Drive* $2,995
Array of 1 x 6TB Hard Drives (Note: takes 2 5.25" bays) $2,100
Array of 4 x 1TB Hard Drives $795
Array of 6 x 1TB Hard Drives $995
*Note: ThunderTape 3 can support two drives.

ThunderTape Reviews

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"ThunderTape fills an important niche in the backup and archive market by providing the ability to quickly and easily create multiple copies of digital media using a single piece of hardware. Even better, it has a very attractive price. For editors that need more than what a single LTO system can provide, need a cost-effective backup solution and are looking to buy from a reputable vendor, the ThunderTape is an excellent choice."

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