1 Beyond StreamMachine™

All-in-one video switcher, recorder, streaming encoder with graphics and media playback for live event production. Ideal for corporate, school, houses of worship broadcasts and for shows produced in a studio for the internet. Incorporate Twitter feeds, Skype sessions, IP streams and more!

Prices Start at $3,995

1 Beyond StreamMachine Edge

All-in-One Switching, Streaming and Recording

Easy turnkey system for live events; just add cameras and audio!

Record and stream a professional show with multiple camera angles, titles, video graphics and more.

Incorporate wireless inputs (i.e video from iPhone or iPad or IP cameras), remote laptop screens, Twitter feeds, Skype calls, etc.

No previous broadcast experience required. Intuitive interface makes it easy to switch camera angles, combine multiple sources in a layout and add titles and effects.

Perfect for recording and streaming events like college sports, school performances, guest lecturers, corporate presentations, worship services or online news.

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Multiple StreamMachine Models

There are 5 different StreamMachine models designed to meet the needs of any broadcast. All have at least 4 HD-SDI inputs and capture, stream and record 1080p.
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Compact and affordable desktop system for those who want a professional quality broadcast on a tight budget.

StreammMachine Portable


All-in-one unit with built-in monitor and keyboard for those who need to be mobile and value quick and easy set-up.

StreamMachine Portable Pro

Portable Pro

The Pro version of the Portable has extra audio inputs, SSD storage, more CPU power and 8 HD-SDI inputs.

StreamMachine Studio


Sturdy rack unit for control rooms, production trucks or where mobility is not needed. Configurable as a desktop unit.

StreamMachine Studio Pro

Studio Pro

The Pro version of the Studio has more CPU power, double the inputs and double the storage for longer recording.

More than Just a Broadcast Switcher

Create professional productions with varied video sources.

Professional Cameras: Bring in full HD video with up to 8 simultaneous live HD-SDI video sources and multiple USB 3.0 sources.

IP Content: Pull any RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/MMS feed directly in as a source, including Twitter feeds, web pages and IP cameras. Bring in any iPhone (4S or newer) or iPad camera as a source with iOS app.

Graphics and Videos: Switch to locally stored video or image files, including live footage for instant replays.

Remote Desktops: Capture screens from other computers on the same local area network without having to convert to video and use SDI input. Perfect for incorporating presentations or bringing in Skype callers.

Live Stream up to 2K Resolution

Uses powerful GPU encoder to stream high resolutions.

Encode 2-4 different streams Stream different resolutions/bitrates to deliver the quality the bandwidth can accommodate. Record higher resolution than is streamed.

Works with Popular CDNs Presets for the most popular content delivery networks (CDNs) such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Churchstreaming.tv, etc. Stream to any RTMP address. Also works with many online video platforms like Brightcove, Kaltura, Panopto, etc.

Stream to Multiple Destinations Stream, simultaneously, to different providers to serve different audiences or provide backup stream.

Video Conferencing The live program output can be fed, internally, to Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or other locally installed conferencing software. The HDMI output can feed an external conferencing solution such as Cisco or Polycom codecs.

High Quality Recording

Record isolated camera sources as well as the live program mix.

ISO Recording: Create high quality recordings of individual camera feeds (ISOs) for use later to edit or remix the event. Choose between 4 quality settings ranging from 30-200 mbps.

Instant Replay: ISO recordings can be used, as the event is going along, for instant replay. In/out points can be set to establish the length of the replay shot. Use the ISO's to replay the same play from different camera angles.

Live Program Record Record live program to standard h.264 mp4 file which can played on Mac or PC with standard media player and can be uploaded, without transcoding, for on-demand viewing in popular content management systems or streaming servers.

Storage: Record up to 1,600 hours of live program, 12-18 hours with 8 ISOs (Studio Pro).

Titles, Transitions, Effects and More

Create sophisticated looking broadcasts with easy to use tools.

2D/3D Titles and Lower Thirds: Choose from 60 animated titles, lower thirds, scoreboards and motion bugs. Customize color, logo, size. Add scrolling, crawling or live text. Import from Photoshop or After Effects.

Effects & Transitions: With easy-to-use editor, resize, position, crop, flip, rotate, and combine multiple video sources in a custom layout with up to 250 layers. Add color correction and adjustable speed transitions and with one button push switch to this during the event.

Audio Mixer: Assign any audio input source to any video source, combine and adjust levels. Add VST-based audio effects such as Noise Reduction, EQ, or Dynamics filters

Virtual Sets: Transport productions to a new studio or location using high quality GPU accelerated real-time green screen effect

Audio/Video Sync Sync any audio and video sources using advanced video and audio delay features.

StreamMachine Reviews

Major universities, corporations and government organizations are already using the StreamMachine. Here's what they have to say about it:

"Our college needed a simple, portable way to broadcast live events such as Graduation and Freshman Convocation. We had limited resources and little experience with video broadcasting. We needed help. We found help with 1 Beyond! Their supportive and experienced team set us up with the StreamMachine 17 solution, including cameras, cabling, and an audio mixer. We can now stream and record live events for a wider audience at a professional level with relative ease."

Troy Stout
Systems Administrator, Gordon State College

"Our media team is made up of purely volunteers with no broadcast training or experience. With the intuitive layout and ease of use of the 1Beyond StreamMachine, we have had no issue with training and all users find it extremely easy to use. Our entire streaming process has been improved so dramatically from workflow to the viewable product and we owe it to 1Beyond and the StreamMachine capabilities."

Patrick Cupples
BOCP, Phillips St. Church of Christ

Compare StreamMachine Models

All StreamMachines include 16GB RAM, Windows 10 and the latest version of Wirecast Pro Software. For full specs, please download data sheets.
Edge Portable Portable Pro Studio Studio Pro
US Price $3,995 $8,495 $11,995 $5,995 $8,995
Dimensions 14.8” x 13” x 3.3” 14.1" x 16.5" x 7.0" 14.1" x 16.5" x 7.0" 19” x 5.2” x 15.7” 19” x 5.2” x 15.7”
Weight 12 lbs 21 lbs 21 lbs 24 lbs 24 lbs
Pro Video Inputs 4 x HD-SDI 4 x HD-SDI 8 x HD-SDI 4 x HD-SDI 8 x HD-SDI
Built in Screen and Keyboard No Yes Yes No No
USB 3.0 Inputs 7(6 Type A & 1 Type C) 4 4 8(2 Front, 6 Rear) 8(2 Front, 6 Rear)
USB 3.1 Inputs - 2(1 Type A & 1 Type C) - 2(1 Type-C & 1 Type-A) 2(1 Type-C & 1 Type-A)
USB 2.0 Inputs - - 6 - -
Stereo 1/8" Line-In Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1/4” Balanced Audio Input No No 2 2 2
Program Outputs HDMI 1 x HD-SDI, 1 x HDMI 1 x HD-SDI, 1 x HDMI 1 x HD-SDI, 1 x HDMI 1 x HD-SDI, 1 x HDMI
Hardware 8 CPU, 16GB RAM 8 CPU, 16GB RAM 12 CPU, 16GB RAM 8 CPU, 16GB RAM 12 CPU, 16GB RAM
Graphics Intel graphics Intel graphics NVidia graphics Intel graphics NVidia graphics
Storage Capacity 250GB SSD 2TB 2TB SSD 2TB 4TB
Record Program Only 100 hours 800 hours 800 hours 800 hours 1,600 hours
Record Program plus ISO's With 4 ISO’s: 2 hours With 4 ISO’s: 12-18 hours With 8 ISO’s: 6-9 hours With 4 ISO’s: 12-18 hours With 8 ISO’s: 12-18 hours
Rollabout Case Optional Included Included - -
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