Multi-Camera Streaming
& Recording Solutions

Produce high quality multi-camera events using our easy setup solutions. Whether you want to record multiple inputs for later editing, live switch an event or create an interactive experience where your viewer can switch between camera angles, we will take your production to a professional level at an affordable price.

Professional Quality

All systems have multiple HD-SDI inputs with options to record 720p and 1080p at high bit rates. Our systems are used by major universities, corporations and government agencies.

Automated Capture

Auto-record your multiple camera production based on a calendar schedule. Combine with PTZ presets and our innovative auto-tracking camera for camera operator free recording.


We have systems for any budget, starting at under $5K. Combined with 1 Beyond's camera bundle, you can have a complete solution for under $10K. Compared to similar setups, it's an excellent value.

Portable, Rack & Tower

Our products are easy to set up anywhere. While we are known for our portable and rugged designs, we also offer rack and tower versions. Select the option that fits your needs.

Easy To Use

All of our products are simple to set up. Connect your cameras to our recording and streaming devices and you're on your way to producing a professional quality broadcast.

Complete Solutions

Our team will help you get everything you need to set up your event, including cameras, cabling, audio mixers, carrying cases and more. We'll advise on how to integrate with your existing equipment.

Streaming & Recording Systems

Professional solutions to record and stream multi-camera productions.

Automate RCS™ Room Capture

Multi-camera room capture system with automated camera control and customizable recording layouts. Ideal for lecture capture and training.

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Collaborate AVS™ System

Automatically controls cameras to switch to a close up view of active speakers using voice tracking technology.

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StreamMachine™ Systems

All-in-one system that combines the functions of a switcher, character generator, recorder, encoder and more.

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QuadDDR™ Recorder

Record 4 HD-SDI inputs in sync or independently. Capture live events or transfer from tape decks for archive.

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U-Switch™ Encoder & Player

Capture 4 camera inputs for live streaming or video on demand playback in a player where the audience can switch between the camera angles.

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Consulting & Support

Everyone has different needs when it comes to multi-camera streaming and recording. When you buy from 1 Beyond, we can advise regarding your unique set up. Our experienced staff will help you with everything from bit-rates to CDNs. We even work with you to integrate equipment that you currently have.

Who Needs Multi Camera Streaming & Recording?

There are a variety of different industries that benefit from the ability to record and stream multi-camera productions.

Education & Training

Provide online learning for students, stream your lectures, automate your lecture capture.

Sports & Athletics

Stream your teams games. Record special events and broadcast to the community.


Stream corporate training, connect your team via video conferencing, enchance corporate communication


Stream your events to those who cannot attend. Use recordings for virtual events or to market future events.

Houses of Worship

Stream your worship services, bible studies, offsite events. Broadcast to satellite locations.

Music Venues

Stream live concerts, create HD videos, allow users to see multiple views.

Government & Politics

Stream official meetings, record and broadcast campaign events, reach more people.


Create video blogs, stream and record talk shows and any other events you want to share and remember.

Ready to Start Streaming?

Contact 1 Beyond at (617) 591-2200 or use the contact form to send a message to our sales team.