Shared Storage Solutions
for Video Post Production

Affordable high-performance storage your whole team can use. Available in SAN or NAS configurations, our shared storage is ideal for HD & 4K workflows.

HD & 4K Storage

We'll configure the number and type of disks to accommodate your data rate requirements, whether you're working with 4K or HD. Connectivity options include 1 Gig or 10 Gig.

SSD & Hard Disk Options

Solid state drive arrays (SSDs) provide optimal performance and compact size. HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) provide more storage capacity for less money.

Customize Your Size

With EzSAN and EzNAS, choose from your drive bays and drive sizes. To leave room for expansion, you can buy a larger enclosure and populate only some of the drive bays. EzPetaSAN can be bought in blocks. More can be added.

RAID Protection

You can configure your storage with RAID 5 or RAID 6 protection against a disk failure. A "hot spare" can also be designated. The RAID will rebuild the data from a failed disk to the spare disk.


Add more disks in additional enclosures to increase your storage capacity. These extra JBOD units can be added later. Daisy chain up to 3 JBOD units through external SAS ports.

Easy to Use & Configure

Connects with standard Ethernet to your network infrastructure. No complicated client software or administration for allocating bandwidth and storage to different users.

Shared Storage Products

Select the storage based on your needs. All storage products are scaleable, meaning they can grow to meet any workflow.

EzSAN™ (HD & 4K)

Shared storage multiple users can work from directly. With up to 288TB and 2.2 GB/s, it's large and fast enough for 4K or HD workflows.

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EzNAS™ (HD & 4K)

Large repository of storage for shared assets. Easy to configure, no client software. Choose from 12, 24, 48 drive bays.

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Large storage for multiple users to access and edit high video formats like 6K, 8K and beyond directly from the system.

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What's the difference between SAN or NAS?

How to decide whether SAN & NAS storage is right for your workflow.

SAN Storage

A SAN gives each client a dedicated bandwidth to the storage.

This enables multiple uses to work directly off of the SAN simultaneously.

NAS Storage

With a NAS clients share bandwidth through a switch.

This is ideal for backups that you are not actively working off of but you want multiple users to be able to access.

Storage Tiers

Tier 1 Storage: Fast enough to directly edit off it. It is also sometimes called directly attached storage. Fast enough to handle HD & 4K workflows, the EzSAN is our Tier 1 solution.

Tier 2 Storage: Designed for backing up files you are not currently working off, but might need multiple users to access. It is also sometimes called nearline storage. Large and affordable, the EzNAS is our Tier 2 solution.

Tier 3 Storage: Long term storage and archive. 1 Beyond offers portable LTO tape archive solutions in addition to our large LTO library designed for multiple users.

Found the storage solution for you?

Contact 1 Beyond at (617) 591-2200 or use the contact form to send a message to our sales team. Contact support for issues with existing equipment.