MIT Captures Lectures with Multiple Cameras and No Staff

1 Beyond CEO Terry Cullen and Barry Pugatch, MIT Video Productions (MVP) Director, explained how MIT uses 1 Beyond equipment to capture lectures with multiple cameras and no staff during Campus Technology 15 at the Boston Hynes Convention Center.

The presentation highlighted several of 1 Beyond’s products installed at MIT in Spring 2015 to create automated lecture capture including the AutoTracker, a HD-SDI automatic tracking camera, and U-Switch, a new technology that allows students to switch between four cameras shots. These technologies eliminate the need for camera operators and a live switcher.

You can watch the Tech session in its entirety below:

1 Beyond Products at MIT

MIT was looking for a solution that minimized production and post staff, could record 20Mbps for Ed-X and Archive and could be uploaded the same day for student review.

Here are the 1 Beyond products that made that possible:

The AutoTracker™ Camera:

AutoTracker Camera, automatically follows speaker

The AutoTracker is an automatic tracking PTZ cameras. It eliminates need for camera person to track presenter.


  • No camera operator needed
    • Camera auto pan-tilt-zooms to follow professor
  • 2 cameras in one (1 PTZ  & 1 Wide Angle)
  • Uses advanced facial recognition and motion detection technology
    • Zooms in and follows professor smoothly
    • Not distracted by other movement or people
    • No accessories required for professor to worry about
  • Automatically detects as professor enters “priority zone”
    • No training of staff necessary

The U-Switch™ Appliance & Player

U-Switch Appliance & Player

The U-Switch Appliance records 4 inputs and uploads a web-deliverable which when played in the U-Switch Player allows students to switch between multiple camera angles.


  • Students get to pick the camera angle they wish to watch
  • More engagement by student
  • More closely resembles actual classroom experience
  • Enables multi-camera experience with no need for AV personnel to live-switch the event
  • Immediately available for on-demand viewing

QuadDDR™ Recorder


The QuadDDR recorder is automatically records 4x ISO’s in sync in a high quality HD file format suitable for archiving and quality required for Ed-X.


  • Record 4 HD-SDI Inputs Simultaneously
    • High Quality Files For Post & Archive
  • Save Time in Post-Production
    • Auto Offload and In Sync Recording
  • Automated Calendar-Based Recording
    • Start/Stop Recording Automatically

The presentation was given at Campus Technology 15 on July 28th, 2015. Campus Technology is an annual conference for higher-ed technology professionals.

1 Beyond

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