Announcing 1 Beyond EzPetaSAN™ Multi-Petabyte Video SAN Storage

More than a Petabyte of Storage for Video

BOSTON, MA April 8, 2016 – 1 Beyond, Inc., a leader in video systems and storage, today unveiled its new line of multi-petabyte shared storage, EzPetaSAN™.

EzPetaSAN is a response to demands for storage with sufficient space for large libraries of video allowing multiple users to simultaneously edit 4K – 8K and higher video formats directly from the storage.

The EzPetaSAN with 1 Beyond HyperSpace OS™ offers a unique building block approach where users can start with as few as 24 disks (hard disk drives or SSDs) and increase as needs grow.

Volume sizes up to 6 petabytes are available now with 20+ petabytes on the horizon.  Client connectivity over 1, 10, 20 and 40Gbps direct connections ensure editors optimum performance.  RAM and SSD cache further improve performance and lower power requirements by reducing actual disk access.

The EzPetaSAN has redundant power supplies and fans.  The hot-swap, modular, tool-less design makes service and maintenance easy with no down-time.

EzPetaSAN includes:

  • 1 Beyond HyperSpace OS: Provides block level checksums ensuring silent data corruption is continually detected and self-healed.  RAID redundancy and e-mail notification of disk failures is standard.
  • 1 Beyond EZPetaHub: Central control system which hosts the OS and file system.
  • 1 Beyond EZPetaBlk storage blocks: Available from 192 to 720TBs and have data bandwidth up to 12GBps each.


“1 Beyond’s EZPetaSAN breaks the price/performance barrier for multi-petabyte video storage” says 1 Beyond’s CEO, Founder Terry Cullen.  “Our 20 years of experience designing video solutions uniquely positions us to assist you with your large format video workflows.”

High performance storage has been a focus of 1 Beyond since it introduced the industry’s first uncompressed HD SAN storage at NAB 2008. Recent innovations include 4K SSD storage at over 3GBps, which can be integrated with industry-leading Media Asset Management and 1 Beyond’s LTO archive solutions. Users include Fortune 100 companies, major universities, TV networks and other organizations worldwide.

Government groups have been collaborating on 1 Beyond SANs for years and one will be the first user of EzPetaSAN.

The 1 Beyond EzPetaSAN storage system is available immediately. Call (617) 591-2200 for pricing. Visit NAB booth SL7408 to learn more.

1 Beyond

1 Beyond

1 Beyond designs and manufactures purpose-built professional video systems for all aspects of the workflow (HD to 4K) from production through post, recording, data wrangling, streaming, media asset management, and LTO archiving, plus SAN storage. Customers include major motion pictures, TV networks and independent production and post-production facilities, sports teams, churches, and music venues. With 17 years of industry firsts and broadcast awards, our reputation is for innovation, ruggedness, high reliability at affordable prices.
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