1 Beyond NetDrive™

An innovative and cost effective solution for video professionals who want to archive, review or restore on LTO digital tape. The unique Auto Duplicate and Verify software makes archiving easy, and completely automatic. And the NetDrive was designed to be versatile - use it with a standard Ethernet connection to attach to a host system, or standalone.

Prices Start at $4,995

Automatic Transfer to LTO Tapes

Creating LTO Tapes has never been easier.

Automatic Off-Load Process As easy as drag-and-drop or copy/paste. When you insert a tape, you see the files in the same directory structure you see when you connect an external drive. Once the desired source and destinations are selected, the rest is totally automatic.

Turnkey: No SAS cards, special drivers, firmware or LTFS software to load.

Use Standalone or via Network  Backup to LTO tape from built-in card readers (or external drives directly connected via e-SATA or USB 3.0) or backup/retrieve data over the network providing LTO access to all workstations on your network.

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Offload Multiple Media Sources to LTO Tape

Easily add LTO tape creation to your existing workflow.

The NetDrive allows you to create LTO tapes from almost any media source. You can create tapes from:

  • Any device connected to the Wrangler LTO NetDrive’s high performance ports including; USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and eSATA.
  • Any device connected to the PC or Mac host system.
  • Optional built in card-readers
  • Solid state drive in the optional built-in SSD bay
  • Optional second LTO drive (Rack & Tower only)

Universally Compatible

Connects to all operating systems - Mac, PC, and Linux

Pure LTFS Because LTFS is a standard, the tapes you create on a NetDrive are compatible with IBM, Quantum, and HP drives on Mac, Windows, or Linux systems.

Optional Automatic Encoding Encode while ingesting to most major uncompressed and compressed 2D/3D formats including DPX, MOV, CineForm 3D, and many more.

Pre-Installed Viewing Software NetDrives can be connected to a DVI or HDMI 2D or 3D monitor independent of any host computer to  for compressed or uncompressed video playblack. Each system comes with Quicktime, P2, XDCAM, REDCIN-X and Scratch play. 

Asset Management NetDrive also works with popular MAM Software like CatDV, Axle, & eMAM.

NetDrive™ Models

The LTO NetDrive is also available in three different models.

NetDrive Portable

Designed to be rugged and portable, the NetDrive Portable used by film and TV industry worldwide

NetDrive Rack

NetDrive is also available in 3U Rack Mount chassis, creating an archiving solution that maximizes performance and capability.

NetDrive Tower

Our most affordable NetDrive product was designed to be fully functional without any additional external hardware.

Customize with Optional Addons

Add card readers, extra LTO drives and more.

Available Built-in on all NetDrives: Multi Card Reader (data recognition for 74 different memory cards), REDMAG card reader, removeable SSD bay

Available only on Rack & Tower:  Second LTO drive, P2, SxS, CF, SD, CPU upgrade, RAM upgrade, high-end graphics card that allows on-the-go color grading.

Available Externally: P2 Card, extra LTO drives

Compare NetDrive™ Models

NetDrive is also available in 3U Rack Mount chassis, creating an archiving solution that maximizes performance and capability.

Portable Rack Tower
LTO-5 Price $5,995 $6,595 $4,995
LTO-6 Price $6,695 $7,295 $5,695
LTO-7 Price $7,195 $7,795 $6,195
PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Port 1 1 1
DVI-I Port 1 1 1
HDMI-In Port 1 1 1
Optical SPDIF Out Port 1 1 1
USB 2.0 Ports 2 0 0
USB 3.0 Ports 4 6 6
eSata Connector 0 1 1
RJ-45 LAN Ports 1 2 2
Clear CMOS Switch 1 1 1

Discovery EzPrep + NetDrive Offer

Easily create LTO tapes that comply with Discovery's standards.

For a limited time, select the 1 Beyond LTO NetDrive of your choice and receive a 15% discount plus EzPrep software at no additional charge. The offer includes:

  • Compliance Checker Software: Verifies that the final tape will comply with Discovery's file/folder structure and naming requirements. 
  • Metadata XML Generator: Creates the required metadata file with a simple fill-in-the blanks wizard.
  • Format Utility: Properly formats the tape to the Discovery specifications, pre-allocating the metadata file location and name.
  • MD5 Generator: Creates the required MD5 checksum files, includes the same MD5 software used by Discovery.
  • Anti-Virus: Checks tapes for viruses. 

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