1 Beyond EzStor™

The EzStor Tape Library takes the complexities out of archive storage. Available in a cost effective range of storage capacities using LTO tapes with the universal industry standard, LTFS. Ideal for post production houses and corporations in need of long term data storage solutions.

Prices start at $20,895
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Automatic LTO Tape Library Solution

Transfer large amounts of data to and from LTO tape

EzStor automates the process of finding a tape to write the data on, writing to the tape library and keeping track of what tape(s) the data is on. Data can easily be written across multiple tapes and accessed as easy as using NAS storage.

EzStor uses the universal standard Linear Tape File System (LTFS) format, which means that your data can be read by any tape drive that can read an LTFS file.

The EzStor is OS Independent, working with Mac, PC or Linux systems.

The EzStor can be configured to have a 1 gigabit network connection or a 10 gigabit connection.

Turnkey LTO Library Solution

Everything to ensure secure backup and retrieval.

EzStor is total LTO library solution composed of two parts, the controller and the tape library, which are connected.

Controller: When you want to write or read data from a tape, the controller automatically retrieves the tape you need and puts it into one of the drives. The controller takes control in the background and makes it all happen seamlessly. The EzStor Controller also contains First in First out (FIFO NAS) 6TB RAID 5 (5TB usable) buffer for immediate file and folder retrieval access for the last 4TBs of information written to the EzStor. Larger buffers are available.

Library: The Library stores the tapes which are written on by the Controller. Choose between libraries with 24 or 48 slots with LTO-5, LTO-6 or LTO 7 tape and add tapes as you need additional storage.

Simple and Intuitive LTO Backup & Retrieval

As easy to use as network attached storage.

No Training For Users The tape shares show up as network shared drives and users can search, copy or drag and drop one or as many files and folders just like they would with a NAS. Search folder and file names as well as keywords.

Simple Administration The administrative is driven by a simple browser based graphical interface that makes the EzStor Libraries easily managed from across the room or across the globe. It's only a few clicks to create shares the whole network can access.

Asset Management EzStor communicates with software like CatDV, Axle and other Media Asset Management (MAM) or backup software that will talk to a disk or NAS, so you don't have to.

EzStor Pricing & Configurations

Each EzStor comes with the 1Beyond controller and tape library. Pricing is based on the size of the tape library and number of LTO drives.
Slots LTO-6 Drives* Library Size Price
24 1 2U $20,895
24 2 2U $25,295
48 1 2U $26,395
48 2 4U $30,795
48 4 4U $40,695
48 1 8U Call
48 2 8U Call
48 4 8U Call
*Call for LTO 5 or LTO 7 Pricing

EzStor Options

Upgrade Buffer (from 6TB)

12Tbs (10TB useable): $980

18Tbs (15TB useable): $1868

24Tbs (2TB useable): $3297

10Gb Option


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