1 Beyond EzSAN™

Allows up to 14 users to simultaneously access, at file level, up to 182TB of high performance, tier 1 storage, providing multi-stream real-time HD & 4K editing. The perfect solution for your editing and storage needs.

Prices start at $6,997. See complete pricing below.

Tier 1 Storage for HD & 4K Editing

Edit Hd & 4K in real time directly off of the storage.

The EzHDSAN allows multiple users to simultaneously access, at file level, up to 96TBs of high performance storage providing multi-stream real time editing.

Lower cost workstations and even laptops with the processing power to edit 4K but without 4K capable storage can now be used for 4K editing with Ez4KSAN.

Simultaneous real-time multi-stream editing is supported in multiple formats: DVCPRO HD, P2, VariCam, AVC-Intra, XDCAM EX, HDV, DNX220HD, MJPEG, MPEG 2/I-frame, ProRes 422 & 4444 and others.

Configurations start at 8 disks (32TBs raw storage) and larger units will scale up to 48, 96 or 192TBs of raw storage. You can fill your storage enclosure's diskbays completely or leave some open to be added later. You can also add JBOD units if you need more storage.

High Number of Simultaneous Users

Allow multiple users to simultaneously access files for editing.

Up to 14 Users 24 and 48 disk EzSANs start at 4 connected users and can be increased to 14.

Directly Attached One standard Ethernet cable each workstation – nothing else! Each workstation has its own fully dedicated 1GB (or 10GB) line with private hardware processing for fast transfers. No sharing, congestion, or single point of failure due to intermediate switches.

Network Access EzSAN can also be connected to the company's LAN, allowing an unlimited number of authorized users complete data access to store and retrieve data at high bandwidth.

Simple, Easy Shared Storage

A turnkey shared storage solution with easy installation.

User Installable: Save on installation costs. Completely pre-configured and tested, setup up your EzSAN is as easy as simply connecting workstations via Ethernet cable.

Open Platform: Compatible across Windows, Apple and Linux workstations, all showing the complete storage volumes.

Authorized remote service access available for maintenance checks and updates from within company or remotely over Internet. Optional capability can be used for off-hour software updates and during regular hours will not interrupt SAN operation.

Bullet Proof Reliable Storage

Protect your files

RAID 6: RAID 6 (or dual RAID 6 in larger systems) protection allows up to 2 (or 4) disk failures with no data loss. Even more protection with optional hot spares. Hot spares allow for 24/7 automatic rebuild with no intervention, meaning your work is not interrupted.

Redundant Power Supply: 24 Power Supply is Triple Redundant 2+1, 1200 watt. Supplies are modular and hot swappable for no SAN interruption if a power supply fails. EzSAN can be powered by separate sources to protect against external power failure.

Predictive Failure Technology: All data disks are continually monitored. If any predictive parameter goes out of limits or if there is a failure, EzHDSAN can send email notification to 3 separate parties e.g. the IT department and an editor.

SAN Storage for 4K and HD Workflows

EzSAN comes in two formats: EzHDSAN and Ez4KSAN. Within these models are numerous unique configurations.


Built to store and edit HD video, this class of EzSAN appliances connects to workstations with 1 Gig connectivity.


Maximize transfer rates for editing 4K video with this class of EzSAN appliances, featuring 10 Gig connectivity.

EzSAN Pricing & Configurations

You can customize the EzSAN to fit your workflow specification by choosing the number of bays, disks and more.
Bays Disks Size Disk San Size Max Size HD (1gig) $/GB 4K (10gig) $/GB
8 8 2TB 16 16 $6,997 0.44 N/A N/A
8 8 4TB 32 32 $10,151 0.32 N/A N/A
12 12 4TB 48 48 $12,043 0.25 $14,043 0.29
16 8* 4TB 32 64 $9,689 0.30 $11,689 0.37
16 16 4TB 64 64 $14,507 0.23 $16,507 0.26
24 12* 4TB 48 96 $18,181 0.38 $20,181 0.42
24 24 4TB 96 96 $25,353 0.26 $27,353 0.28
48 12* 4TB 48 192 $25,436 0.53 $27,436 0.57
48 24* 4TB 96 192 $32,828 0.34 $34,828 0.36
48 48 4TB 192 192 $47,612 0.25 $49,612 0.26
48 24* 6TB 144 288 $45,604 0.32 $47,604 0.33
48 48 6TB 288 288 $69,564 0.24 $71,564 0.25
* Partially populated arrays for future expansion.

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