Discovery EzPrep™ Bundle

Submitting LTO tapes to Discovery? Back up your data and ensure that it is compliant with Discovery's submission criteria in one simple step. You no longer need to worry about the safety of your data or if it meets Discovery's standards; 1 Beyond's EzPrep Software combined with the 1 Beyond NetDrive makes the whole process quick and easy.

Starts at $4,246

Create LTO Tapes for Discovery

Use the same hardware and software Discovery does!

1 Beyond developed the hardware and software for the Discovery Communications Quality Compliance incoming inspection systems.

The combination of the 1 Beyond NetDrive with the Discovery EzPrep Software is a way to use the same hardware and software, making LTO Tape submission to Discovery as quick and easy as possible.

Bundle includes preparation assistance for the three types of LTO tapes required Discovery; Program Masters, Camera Originals and Graphics Masters.

Save time and expense by reducing tape preparation and eliminating format rejects.

Software: EzPrep

Ensure LTO tape compliance for Discovery Communications.

Each system comes loaded with the following:

  • Compliance Checker Software: Verifies that the final tape will comply with Discovery's file/folder structure and naming requirements.
  • Metadata XML Generator: Creates the required metadata file with a simple fill-in-the blanks wizard.
  • Format Utility: Properly formats the tape to the Discovery specifications, pre-allocating the metadata file location and name.
  • MD5 Generator: Creates the required MD5 checksum files, includes the same MD5 software used by Discovery.
  • Anti-Virus: Checks tapes for viruses.

Hardware: 1 Beyond NetDrive

Creating LTO Tapes has never been easier.

The 1 Beyond NetDrive is the simplest way for your facility or production to create LTO tapes.

It takes advantage of the industry standard LTFS (linear tape file system) so you can browse the contents of the tape and drag and drop files. There's need for intermediary file systems or complicated archive software.

And with next generation LTO-5, LTO-6 (and above) drives, transfer speeds exceed those of a single e-sata drive: over 100 MB/sec when transferring large files from fast drives.

The NetDrive comes in multiple formats - portable, tower & rack - so you can pick the one that suits your workflow.

Want the EzPrep Bundle?

Contact us at (617) 591 2200 or send us a message and we'll answer any questions you might have about EzPrep or our NetDrives.