1 Beyond EzPetaSAN™ Storage

Scaleable and reliable storage for multiple users to simultaneously edit large video formats like 4K, 6K, 8K and higher directly from the system. EzPetaHub controller connects to multiple EzPetaBlks creating one or multiple large volumes.

EzPetaSAN Lite starts at $29,980. EzPetaSAN starts at $89,035.

Over a Petabyte of Storage for 4K+ Editing

Large amounts of high performance storage

The EzPetaSAN allows multiple users to simultaneously access, at file level, high performance storage providing multi-stream real time editing.

1 Beyond HyperSpace OS™: Provides block level checksums ensuring silent data corruption is continually detected and self-healed

1 Beyond EZPetaHub™: Central control system which hosts the OS and file system and includes connections to workstations

1 Beyond EZPetaBlk™ storage blocks: Available in 16, 60 and 90 drive models with 4, 6, 8 or 10TB disks.

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Award-Winning Solution. Starts at 240TB and expands to over an impressive 20PB

$89,035 USD

EzPetaSAN Lite

Same Value. Lower Entry Point. Scales from 64TB up to just over 1PB of storage

$29,980 USD

Multiple Users Can Edit Footage Directly

Edit large video formats like 6K, 8K and higher

Directly Attached One standard Ethernet or fibre cable connects to each workstation – nothing else! Each workstation has its own fully dedicated line with private hardware processing for fast transfers. No sharing, congestion, or single point of failure due to intermediate switches.

EzPetaHUB Controller supports multiple 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb users.

Large Data Cache Ensures optimum connectivity and performance for editors using large video formats

EzPetaSAN Protects Your Files

Bullet Proof Reliable Storage with HyperSpace OS

RAID Protection: HyperSpace OS incorporates multi-dimensional disk raid protection prevent data loss due to disk failures

Self Healing: It runs disk block level checksums to spot and self-heal bad disk blocks eliminating silent disk corruption.

Predictive Failure Technology: All data disks are continually monitored. If any predictive parameter goes out of limits or if there is a failure, system will send an email notification.

Redundant Hardware Each unit has redundant power supplies and fans.

Sample EzPetaSAN Shared Storage Workflow

EzPetaSAN can connect to PC and MAC workstations. Extra EzPetaBlks can be added as storage needs grow.

EzPetaSAN Pricing & Configurations

The EzPetaSAN can be customized to any workflow specification by choosing the number of EzPetaBlks, the number of users and the throughout (1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb). Base configuration of the EzPetaSAN Lite comes with 2 x1Gb workstation ports and the standard system comes with 2 x10Gb workstation ports.


Name Cost
EzPetaHub $33,420
EzPetaSAN Lite Hub 4TB $29,980
EzPetaSAN Lite Hub 6TB $36,490
EzPetaSAN Lite Hub 9TB $38,720
EzPetaSAN Lite Hub 10TB $45,880
EzPetaBlk16 4TB $16,115.00
EzPetaBlk16 6TB $22,630.00
EzPetaBlk16 8TB $24,860.00
EzPetaBlk16 10TB $32,015.00
EzPetaBlk60 4TB $55,615.00
EzPetaBlk60 6TB $78,080.00
EzPetaBlk60 9TB $85,865.00
EzPetaBlk60 10TB $108,530.00
EzPetaBlk90 4TB $85,350.00
EzPetaBlk90 6TB $119,065.00
EzPetaBlk90 8TB $130,715.00
EzPetaBlk90 10TB $164,730.00
6 x 1Gb Ethernet Connections $1,885.00
4 x 10Gb Ethernet Connections $3,815.00
* Please call for pricing on fibre connections or higher throughputs

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