1 Beyond EzNAS™

This NAS (Network Attached Storage) system combines an intuitive interface, tremendous amounts of storage space, and affordable prices so that backup and local transfer for editing are easy. Perfect as a tier 2 shared storage solution for video professionals.

Prices start at $5,998.
Complete pricing below.

High Performance Affordable NAS Storage

Tier 2 storage for backup and transfer for local editing.

EzNAS combines simplicity, power and affordability, making it ideal for storing backups of data that you are not actively working off of but you want multiple users to be able to access.

This nearline storage system offers an incredibly affordable cost per GB ratio, as low as $0.22 per GB.

Simple Shared Nearline Solution

Easily add a lot of storage for your existing workflow.

Works with PC & Mac: EzNAS is optimized to fit into existing network configurations.

Pre-Configured: Start storing your data immediately. EzNAS is ready to use right out of the box. It's also tested extensively.

Simple For Users EzNAS appears as another drive connected to your computer, so you can drag-and-drop, view thumbnails and open files with your favorite programs. No expensive IT training needed!

Large Scale Storage Capacity for Multiple Users

Different models to fit your workflow's exact specifications.

Up to 192 TB Choose the number of diskbays and how many disks. The larger the NAS, the faster it will be.

Easily Expandable You can fill your storage enclosure's diskbays completely or leave some open to be added later. You can also add JBOD units if you need more storage.

Simultaneous Users Standard configurations allow up to 10 users to simultaneously access the data. If you need more, just ask - we'll configure your storage solution to fit your exact specifications.

Secure Storage with RAID Protection

Safe against disk failure with easy data recovery.

RAID 6 RAID 6 (or dual RAID 6) protection allows up to 2 (or 4) disk failures with no data loss.

Redundant Power Supply 24 Power Supply is Triple Redundant 2+1, 1200 watt. Supplies are modular and swappable for no SAN interruption if a power supply fails. EzSAN can be powered by separate sources to protect against external power failure.

Optional Hot Spares Hot spares for 24/7 automatic rebuild with no intervention means your work is not interrupted.

NAS Storage for 4K and HD Workflows

EzNAS comes in two formats: EzHDNAS and Ez4KNAS. Within these models are numerous unique configurations.


Built to store and transfer HD video, this class of EzNAS appliances connects to a switch with 1 Gig connectivity.


Built to maximize transfer rates for 4K video, this class of EzNAS storage solution features 10 Gig connectivity.

EzNAS Pricing & Configurations

You can customize the EzNAS to fit your workflow specification by choosing the number of bays, disks and more.

Bays Disks Size Disk San Size Max Size HD (1gig) $/GB 4K (10gig) $/GB
8 8 2TB 16 16 $5,998 0.37 N/A N/A
8 8 4TB 32 32 $8,591 0.27 N/A N/A
12 12 4TB 48 48 $11,495 0.24 $13,495 0.28
16 8* 4TB 32 64 $9,141 0.29 $11,141 0.35
16 16 4TB 64 64 $13,959 0.22 $15,959 0.25
24 12* 4TB 48 96 $15,719 0.33 $17,719 0.37
24 24 4TB 96 96 $23,793 0.25 $25,793 0.27
48 12* 4TB 48 192 $20,601 0.43 $22,601 0.47
48 24* 4TB 96 192 $27,993 0.29 $29,993 0.31
48 48 4TB 192 192 $44,977 0.23 $46,977 0.24
48 24* 6TB 144 288 $40,769 0.28 $42,769 0.30
48 48 6TB 288 288 $64,729 0.22 $66,729 0.23
* Partially populated arrays for future expansion.

Have questions about the EzNAS?

Contact us at (617) 591 2200 or send us a message and we'll answer any questions you might have.