1 Beyond Customers

1 Beyond manufactures equipment for major industries, including film and television, education, corporate, houses of worship, and government.

Find which types of products are used by different fields and read how 1 Beyond products helped these companies with their specific projects.

Film & Television Customers

TV studios, productions companies, post production houses and others.

Companies in the film and television industry find our products useful for active data storage, archiving, and especially for on set/dailies use. Our products are in use daily on major motion pictures and popular TV shows.

Because 1 Beyond developed the LTO compliance checker for Discovery Communications, our NetDrives are a popular choice for Discovery producers. Using the same hardware and software as Discovery, saves time and money by reducing tape preparation and eliminating format rejects.

The Wrangler product line is popular among film companies for its use in data "wrangling," on set. Because most TV and movie crews record a large amount of data but don't want to buy tons of expensive camera cards, they buy a few and cycle through them. Wrangler products are durable, portable workstations that accept different camera cards and back up the data to hard drives or LTO tapes.

"When I began shooting 4K with the RED Epic I soon came face to face with the biggest beast of all, data management... 1 Beyond NetDrive was the ideal solution... It has proven to be robust solution. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a simple, safe, portable storage solution."

Joseph Pontecorvo
Producer & Cinematographer For Snow Monkeys

"My onset workstation... was too big, and my equipment too fragile, so I used the 1 Beyond 3D Wrangler that they put together for me. It helped me a lot as it's portable and rugged. I could not have done my job without it! The Wrangler Auto Off-Load and Verify software was also a great time saver. My future productions will definitely require it."

Jeroen Hendriks
Camera Data Supervisor for Pirates of the Caribbean IV

"Having a custom built 1 Beyond dailies machine in our cutting room on Kick-Ass 2 was the backbone to our dailies process... The machines 1 Beyond built were both unique and impressive, we wouldn't have been able to complete the job without them! They powered through the dailies process all the way through to the conform and were capable of handling any tasks we threw at them... All in all Terry, Rony and Jeff at 1 Beyond have been highly attentive and supportive throughout the process of making Kick-Ass 2 and it's great to see a company out there doing such great things and catering exactly to a production's needs."

Ben Mills
First Assistant-Editor for Kick-Ass 2.

"For several weeks now I’ve been using the new StreamMachine Pro you sent us. I'm very very happy. Not only does it work very well, the craftsmanship is also really neat. The design of the machine and its ease of transport are impressive."

Digital Project Manager at WEBTV.COOP

Education & Training Customers

Major Universities, High Schools, Colleges, etc.

Many education institutions today have a need to share events with a wider community - sports, graduations, performances, etc. - and they often spend a lot of money hiring outside companies to come in and broadcast/stream the event for them. What many high schools and colleges are now finding out is that 1 Beyond offers all-in-one turnkey solutions to live stream events. Our StreamMachine system and selection of cameras are perfect for a portable, professional level streaming system.

Additionally, our new AutoTraker camera has recently been implemented by MIT and other universities around the country to perform automatic (no intervention or monitoring needed) lecture-capture recordings that can then be distributed to students.

See how Suffolk University uses the StreamMachine to live broadcast their basketball games.

Suffolk University Video

Corporate Customers

Corporations across the country choose 1 Beyond.

Companies and corporations need to both distribute information widely as well as protect information locally. Broadcasting crystal-clear video internationally and securing data for decades are very different tasks and therefore require equipment geared towards those specific ends. Corporations choose 1 Beyond products for both of these jobs, and more.

From event streaming and recording, to skills training and product demos, to all-hands meetings, 1 Beyond's streaming products fit your company's needs with simple and cost-effective solutions. For long-term reliable storage, 1 Beyond's archiving systems ensure that your data will stay protected as long as you need it.

House of Worship Customers

Modern churches are streaming.

Houses of worship today are working towards a common goal: to reach a wider audience. Churches and other religious institutions are now realizing that streaming their services is a solution to that goal, but are then faced with another problem: the cost of streaming solutions today are way beyond the budget of most houses of worship. We realized this and came up with the simplest, most cost-effective solution to that problem - the StreamMachine. Built for professional level event broadcasting at a fraction of the cost, and designed to be used by anyone, this product is the ideal streaming system for houses of worship. Because ease of use and affordability are priorities for you, they are priorities for us.

"Enough cannot be said about the professional, competent and personal support we received from 1 Beyond. ... Our entire streaming process has been improved so dramatically from workflow to the viewable product and we owe it to 1 Beyond and the StreamMachine capabilities."

Patrick Cupples
Deacon and the head of Media and Technology for Phillips Street Church of Christ

Government Customers

Federal departments demand peak performance.

From NASA to the U.S. Army, 1 Beyond has supplied equipment to various branches of the government. Above all, these departments require products that have the utmost security and protection - that's why they choose 1 Beyond for archiving and storage solutions. The combination of RAID-protection, longevity, and durability makes 1 Beyond's archiving products unique in the industry.

But government agencies find other product lines appealing as well. We have sold editing laptops, cameras, and other equipment to federal organizations around the country.