1 Beyond Collaborate™ AVS

An innovative conferencing solution that controls cameras to switch to a close up view of active speakers using voice tracking technology. System can also be used for meeting recording and streaming.

Packages starting at $12,995
Packages include cameras and control system

Automatic Video Switching Solution

System detects speaker and switches camera shots.

1 Beyond Collaborate AVS is an innovative conferencing solution that focuses the camera on the person speaking for an enhanced conference or meeting experience. It is voice-activated and can be configured for large and small rooms with various layouts. Cameras can be positioned anywhere and distance is not an issue.

System automates the switching of camera angles and views so there is no need for camera operator or AV switching personnel. Features include "side-by-side" view when two people are in conversation.

Collaborate AVS can be used for recording, streaming, conferencing or IMAG (Image Magnification). Ideal for Meeting rooms, classrooms, courtrooms and panel discussions.

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Works in Rooms of All Sizes and Shapes

Easy to design into many different venues and applications.

Scalable: Perfect for large or small rooms. Easily increase or decrease number of participants by adding or removing microphones.

Flexible Cameras: Customize camera locations to room layouts and use. Not limited to two cameras at head of room. Add more cameras for more coverage or combine with the 1 Beyond AutoTracker for presenter facial and motion tracking.

Microphone Choice: Use with push to talk microphones, voice activated microphones or with discrete ceiling arrays.

Collaborate AVS Use Case Examples

Adapts to rooms of any size, configuration or activity: formal presentations, intimate discussions, distance learning or collaborative work.

High Quality 1080p Cameras Included

Also includes joystick controller and wall mounts.

Standard Collaborate AVS packages come with 2 or 4 PTZ-S20™ cameras.

Outputs up to 1080p60: All cameras output up to 1080p 60 via HD-SDI. Excellent image quality with 1/2.8” Sony Exmor CMOS sensor.

Pan Tilt Zoom: The 20x optical zoom combined with the -30°~90° tilt range and -170°~170° pan range provides visual flexibility and control in any size conference room or event space.

Quiet Operation: Camera is quiet as it pans, tilts and zoom.

Optional AutoTracker Add 1 Beyond AutoTracker camera for the ability to track a presenter as they walk about the room.

Learn More about 1 Beyond Cameras >

Choice of Microphone System

Works with 1 Beyond or Shure Microphones

Shure Microflex Advance (MXA910): Ceiling Arrays provide configurable and invisible coverage from above for rooms of any size, shape or application.

Shure DDS5900 and DCS 6000 Digital Discussion System with a choice of portable or permanently-installed discussion units combine the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system. Can be expanded to accommodate up to 3800 users.

1 Beyond AVS Microphones: Affordable wireless push to talk microphone conference system. Easy to add microphones. Can be expanded to accommodate up to 999 users. See Data Sheet

Control System with Advanced Features

Combines audio and performs camera control.

Small form factor includes 4 x HD-SDI inputs for high quality video capture and professional HDMI and HD-SDI ouputs for external conferencing codecs or for IMAG use.

Advanced Features

  • Titles/Graphics Add lower thirds, logos and more.
  • Conversation Mode: Show 2 active speakers in side-by-side layout*
  • Chairman Mode: Give priority to the chairman microphone*
  • Open Standard Install conferencing software directly on the system for an all-in-one solution.
*See data sheet for applicable configurations
Collaborate AVS provides automatic video tracking for a variety of video conferencing solutions.

Works with Popular Video Conferencing

Use with software or hardware conferencing solutions.

Software Based Video Conferencing Software Based Video Conferencing (Skype, Zoom, Blue Jeans, etc) can be installed directly on the system for all in one conferencing solution. Easy to set up.

Standard Conferencing Codecs Control system has HDMI and HD-SDI ouputs for easy connection to external conferencing codecs like Cisco and Polycom.

Other External Systems HD-SDI to USB adapter available for high quality image to external systems running Skype, Zoom, etc.

Built-in Recorder and Encoder

Record and/or stream meetings or presentations.

High Quality Records MP4 file (H.264 codec). User-selectable bitrate up to 15 mbps. Ability to record higher quality (bitrate/resolution) than conferencing codecs support.

Built-in Storage Records to internal 250 GB SSD storage. Holds 100 hrs.

Streaming Encoder High quality h.264 stream. Can stream to any RTMP server. Presets included for popular CDNs

Easy to Integrate & Use

Just mount cameras and connect microphones.

Minimum Wiring: All cables for interconnecting with any of the supported microphone systems are included.

One Time Configuration Connect cameras and audio into Collaborate control system. Configure camera presets with joystick controller.

Simple Browser Interface Easy to start and stop recordings or conference.

Have Questions About Collaborate AVS?

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