HD-SDI Cameras For Streaming
& Recording

Professional broadcast quality cameras ideal for capturing lectures, corporate meetings, conferences, church services, sports events and more. Models include a rugged small HD camera, PTZ camera and an automated tracking camera.

1 Beyond offers HD-SDI Cameras for streaming and recording lectures, video conferences and other events.

High Quality

All of our cameras have HD-SDI outputs. With top of the line 1/2.8" Sony image sensors, they output up to 1080p 60fps, perfect for recording or streaming HD video.


Due to the unique design of these cameras, high image quality is possible for lower prices than HD-SDI cameras from other manufactures. The low cost allows you to add more cameras and stay in budget.

Easy to Mount

Light weight and rugged, all cameras come with the standard tripod mount. Custom wall and ceiling mounts and small size make these cameras easy to discreetly mount in any room.

Easy To Transport

Small camera size makes our HD-SDI cameras easy to move and set up quickly. Custom rugged carry cases are available that fit in an airline overhead bin. Power, SDI, control available all in one cable.

Remote Control

PTZ camera and auto tracking camera can be controlled via software or by using a joystick control via RS232 or RS485 cabling. Wireless remote control is also available for the PTZ camera.

Automated Tracking

The AutoTracker will automatically follow a person; no camera operator is needed. This uses an unique combination of motion detection and image recognition to accurately track without distraction.

1 Beyond HD-SDI Camera Product Line

A variety of HD Cameras for recording and streaming your events.


Small and rugged, the Z-IP20 outputs 720p and 1080p and is easy to mount or transport. Dual h.264 stream.

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PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras feature smooth, fast and quiet operation with a remote control or joystick. 720P or 1080P with a 20X optical zoom.

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The AutoFramer detects the location of people in a room and automatically adjusts for ideal framing, eliminating empty space.

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The HD AutoTracker uses facial recognition and motion detection to automatically track a person. No camera operator needed.

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Compatible with Standard Recorders and Encoders

The standard HD-SDI signal will ensure that our HD cameras will work with whatever recorder or encoder you choose. You can use with your current equipment or purchase one of 1 Beyond's recording and streaming solutions.

If your recorder takes an HDMI input, converters that ensure compatibility are available.

1 Beyond support staff is available to help you figure out how to incorporate our HD cameras into your current workflow.

HD-SDI Camera Customers

There are a variety of different industries that are using our cameras.

Education & Training

Provide online learning for students , stream your lectures, automate your lecture capture.

Sports & Athletics

Stream your teams games. Record special events and broadcast to the community.


Stream corporate training, connect your team via video conferencing, enchance corporate communication


Stream your events to those who cannot attend. Use recordings for virtual events or to market future events.

Houses of Worship

Stream your worship services, bible studies, offsite events. Broadcast to satellite campuses.

Music Venues

Stream live concerts, broaden your audience beyond those who can attend, record for pay per view, allow users to see multiple views.

Government & Politics

Stream official meetings, record and broadcast campaign events, reach more people.


Online news channels, local organizations, weddings and other special events.

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