Choosing Hardware to Stream Your Church Service Online

With so many options available for broadcasting your church service online, it can be a daunting task to find the right solution for your church. Many different factors must be considered when making the decision for a streaming solution including: ease of use, portability, reliability, affordable price point and professional features.

Choosing a Lens for the 1 Beyond HD-Mini

It is important to choose the correct lens for your StreamCam in order to ensure that your field of view captures the desired picture. Use this helpful guide to select the correct lens for your specific application. For this calculation you will need to know the distance from your StreamCam to your subject, as well as your lens focal length. A simple formula to calculate the horizontal width of your shot would look like this:

Make Your Live Streaming Event A Success

5 Tips To Making Your Live Streaming Event Successful   1) Have Backup Gear Having a few spares can make the difference between a successful live event and an absolute failure. Be redundant in every way possible by including extra cables, batteries, tripods and even extra cameras if you have them. If you can’t bring […]

What is the Shelf Life of LTO-5?

LTO 5 will be readable as long as there are LTO 7 drives available in the market. For example, there are still LTO 3 drives available – LTO 1 tapes can still be read today – that’s 13 years after introduction. However, anytime you hear “migration” question – I work to bring up two fundamental […]