1 Beyond Automate RCS™

Multi-camera room capture system with automated camera control and customizable recording layouts. Ideal for lecture capture, video conferencing, and corporate training.

Starting at $4,995

Flexible Automated Room Capture System

Multi-source layouts, camera control and more.

1 Beyond Automate RCS room capture system is an innovative solution which allows for users to easy switch between different scenarios composed of a design layout with cameras set to particular presets. The scenarios can be switched while the system is recording or it can be pre-scheduled for a class or meeting.

System automates the switching of camera angles and views so there is no need for camera operator.

Automate RCS can be used for recording, streaming, conferencing or IMAG (Image Magnification). Ideal for classrooms, training rooms and/or video conferencing.

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Select Scenarios & Schedule Recordings

Switch recording layouts automatically or with one button push.

Switch Scenarios Simply choose between unlimited scenarios with the push of a button using browser interface or control system like Crestron. Scenario switching can be done while recording, streaming.

Schedule Built-in event scheduler to automate start/stop recording. Integration with external calendars available. Files can be transferred to CMS or LMS of choice automatically.

Simple API Easy to integrate with existing workflows.

Design Scenarios with Multiple Sources

Combine various sources to create choice layouts.

Users can create layouts for scenarios using intuitive design program which allows for easy selecting, sizing and positioning of sources. No programmer is needed to create layouts combining these sources:

Professional Inputs: Automate has 4 x HD-SDI outputs for high quality video capture. These can be recorded as ISOs.

Other Sources USB cameras, IP streams, Powerpoint presentations, remote desktop screens, iPhone/iPad cameras, social media feeds, Skype sessions, webpages, locally stored video files and more!

Graphics & Titles Easy to add titles and include graphics like logos .

Controls 1 Beyond PTZ Cameras

Switch camera angles without a camera operator.

When a scenario is selected, camera switch to the presets defined for that scenario.

1 Beyond PTZ Cameras All cameras output up to 1080p 60 via HD-SDI. Excellent image quality with 1/2.8” Sony Exmor CMOS sensor.

1 Beyond AutoTracker Cameras Add 1 Beyond AutoTracker camera for the ability to track a presenter as they walk about the room. Automate RCS can not only include the AutoTracker camera into shots, but can turn tracking on or off and use the AutoTracker camera as a manual PTZ.

Learn More about 1 Beyond Cameras >

High Quality Streaming & Recording

Record and/or stream meetings or presentations.

High Quality Records MP4 file (H.264 codec). User-selectable bitrate up to 15 mbps. Ability to record higher quality (bitrate/resolution) than conferencing codecs support.

Built-in Storage Records to internal 250 GB SSD storage. Holds 100 hrs.

Streaming Encoder High quality h.264 stream. Can stream to any RTMP server. Presets included for popular CDNs

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