1 Beyond AutoFramer™

High quality PTZ IP camera that automatically adjusts for ideal framing of the people in the room. Eliminates empty space, improving the viewer’s experience. Ideal for small to medium sized conference rooms.

U.S. Price $3,495

1 Beyond AutoFramer Camera

PTZ Camera that Automatically Frames

Pans, tilts and zooms for best framing of the people in the room.

Optimizes the Frame: Detects the number and location of people in the room and frames them accordingly for a better viewer experience.

Automatically Adjusts: Pan, tilts and zooms to adjust the framing when people move about the room or come in and out. No one needs to press presets or manually move the camera.

Self Contained: Everything needed is in the camera - no IR sensors or extra appliances. Just connect camera to any capture device via USB, HDMI or HD-SDI.

Ideal for video conferencing, focus rooms, virtual training and much more!

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Improved User & Viewer Experience

Participants focus on their event and forget the technology.

Immersive Experience: In a typical conference room with one camera, conference participants appear small even when half the room is empty. By removing that extra space using optimal framing, the AutoFramer makes the viewer feel closer to the participants.

Handsfree Operation: Participants don’t have to be distracted in the middle of a meeting to adjust the camera as people move about the room. One-time set up also eliminates the need for support from IT.

Removes Limitations: People can move about the room freely. They aren't limited to staying within a fixed-camera preset or having to wear a lanyard.

Easy to Integrate with Existing Equipment

Versatile with USB, DVI/HDMI , HD-SDI and IP outputs.

Video Conferencing: Plug into a computer via USB to use with conferencing software (eg. Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, etc) or bring in via HDMI to hardware codecs like Polycom and Cisco.

High Quality Recording: Connect to any professional recording system using HDMI or HD-SDI. Record up to 1080p60.

Live Streaming: Connect directly into streaming appliance for live event broadcasting or use built-in dual h.264 stream to monitor using a browser or control system.

Integrate with control systems over USB, IP or RS 232/485. Standard UVC and VISCA Commands. Camera can also be used as a manual PTZ camera.

Flexible for a Variety of Room Sizes

Ideal for huddle rooms and medium sized conference rooms.

Wide Field of View: 72.5° field of view captures people in small spaces. Perfect for huddle rooms or small virtual training spaces.

Optical Zoom: 12x optical zoom allows camera to frame close ups of participants up to 40ft away in larger conference rooms.

Customizable Configuration: Simple one-time configuration over IP for the room. Select the area in the room which to find meeting participants, create up to 8 blocking zones and set a default home position. Tracking sensitivity is also configurable.

Easy to Install: Standard 1/4" threaded hole for easy mount on wall or tripod. Mounts sold separately.

Ideal for Small to Medium Sized Conference Rooms

Demo with One Person

Demo in Medium Sized Conference Room

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