LTO Archiving
& Asset Management Solutions

Linear Tape Open (LTO) archiving solutions for a reliable way to backup and archive your digital assets for short and long term storage. All archiving products use Linear Tape File System (LTFS) making it easy to store and retrieve your data.

Currently supporting LTO-5, LTO-6 and LTO-7

LTFS Standard Formatting

Our LTO tapes are formatted with LTFS which is an industry standard. Tapes can be read on any LTO system that conforms to the LTFS specs regardless of whether they use HP, IBM or Quantum drives.

Free Add-Ons Included

For PC, we include Wrangler and Watch Folder software. For Mac, we offer a simple file browser tool. With our tape library, we provide a keyword search tool.


Our systems are straight LTFS, which means you won't spend more on extra software layers or proprietary hardware. Also, LTO tapes cost less than external hard drives and are more reliable.

Create Catalogs

Communicates with software like CatDV, Axle and other Media Asset Management (MAM) or backup software. A catalog is automatically kept of what file is on what tape, making it easy to retrieve.

Easy To Use

Our LTO systems mount the tape like a hard drive. Files show up in folders just like you are used to. Archiving to tape is as easy as dragging and dropping the files and folders you'd like to archive.

Works with Mac & PC

1 Beyond offers single and dual drive LTO archiving products for Macs and PCs and a tape library works with both in a network environment. With LTFS, LTO tapes can be read from a Mac, PC or Linux system.

Archiving & Asset Management Products

A range of LTO archiving appliances for onset, near set and post production archiving.

LTO NetDrive™

Portable LTO archiving device that can be used as stand alone tool or a network shared device. Easy archive and restore.

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ThunderTape 3™

External LTO tape drive for Macs with a Thunderbolt connection. Available with one or two tape drives.

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EzStor™ Library

Simple tape library to automate your archive to multiple tapes. As easy to use as a NAS. Up to 48 tape slots available.

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Benefits of LTO

  • LTO tape has a shelf life of 30 years.
  • Writing to LTO tape is now as fast as writing to a hard drive
  • LTO tape capacity is 1.5 TB for LTO-5 and 2.5 TB for LTO-6

Benefits of LTFS

  • Tapes can be shared outside of your organization
  • File directory is on the tape so it travels with the data
  • Open standard: Mac, PC & Linux compatible

Create Your LTO Tapes With the Same Hardware & Software Discovery Uses

Combine the 1 Beyond NetDrive™ with EzPrep™ to create Discovery deliverables guaranteed to meet their standards.

1 Beyond developed the hardware and software for the Discovery Communications LTO Compliance inspection stations. Check your tapes on the same system using the same software and avoid wasting time and money on non-compliant tapes.

Discovery Communications now requires footage and program deliveries on LTO media with LTFS. With the 1 Beyond NetDrive and EzPrep Software bundle, you can easily create tapes that comply with Discovery's standards.

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Asset Management Software

We offer our own simple cataloging tool called EzLTOCat, but design our archiving solutions to work with other asset management software. The ones that we recommend and work especially well with are:

Empress eMAM Software


Axle Media Management Software


CatDV Digital Asset Management


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