About 1 Beyond

1 Beyond designs and manufactures purpose-built professional video systems for all aspects of the workflow from production through post, streaming, media asset management and archiving as well as SAN storage.

We are known for innovation, ruggedness and high reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional high-end systems.

In Service, Technology and Value we are 1 Beyond

1 Beyond in Service

We pride ourselves in our dedication to our customers. We make every attempt to assess your needs and recommend the system best suited to you.

1 Beyond has without a doubt the widest range of video production systems in the industry.

After you purchase a 1 Beyond system, we provide you with not one but four levels of support. Since we designed and built your system, you have only one place to call for hardware and software support.

1 Beyond in Technology

By basing all of our systems on open architecture and world standards, we make sure you can stay ahead of mainstream technology. With proprietary products you are dependent on a single company to provide updates.

Our open standards give you more power than any one company could. We have customers sending us three to five year old systems that we can upgrade to the latest technology.

We don't want anyone to be locked into products or left behind!

1 Beyond in Value:

Compared to the competition, we are often thousands of dollars less and yet we do not compromise on quality.

When you buy a 1 Beyond product, you are entering a relationship, not just buying a system.

Our experience is you care as much or more about the company you are buying from's philosophy and people than the product. We believe our value proposition of a strong quality company backed by excellent service has won out over time.

A Timeline of 1 Beyond’s History